Christmas party at Music Jam

Event brief: Creating an attractive catering menu for a corporate Christmas party. The event was to take place at the Music Jam nightclub and host 600 guests.

Solution: The client required a Christmas menu with various options for attractively served hot and cold dishes without the use of large buffet tables and bain-maries so that guests can have enough space for dancing and games
 Realization: We decided that the best option for this event would be a non-traditional Christmas dinner, serving the food in stages and in diverse ways. The cocktail tables were loaded with welcome snacks.
Our team surprised the guests with an individually served Flying Buffet of salads and hot main dishes.
Additionally, we offered delicious appetizers and desserts on a separate small buffet.
Party Service also facilitated a Meat station - a specially built corner with meat delicacies prepared by our master chef, available to the guests’ enjoyment during the late hours of the night.
The captivating atmosphere in the venue was enhanced by the good music and impressive lighting effects of the club. Our qualified staff ensured the event ran smoothly. A team of professional chefs and skilled waiters provided guests with a true culinary experience.
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