The forest wedding of Aylin and Viktor

For this cheerful couple we wanted to offer an option with a lot of space, suitable for a party until dawn. We stopped at the Yastrebets Hotel in the resort of Borovets.
The green pine forest was the most suitable natural decor for their ritual. We combined bright, fragrant colors with the softness of the nature, added a lot of love and got a memorable experience to the sounds of delicate violins.
We used the hotel tent to welcome guests for the ocasion and decorated in the same range as we continued to tell the story of the happy couple. Our team complemented the look with all the elegant details - crystal plates, beautiful glasses, lavish floral elements, seating chart, card box, guest menus and of course a large stage and decorative lights. The team of chef Lyubomir Todorov took care of the food and indulged the guests with their wonderful dishes. The mood was raised by the favorite band Akaga and the folk dance ensemble Saya and DJ Ivaylo Tahchiev made sure that the dance floor was not empty until dawn.
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