Weddings are the most emotional private event in your life, putting your desires ahead of everything else. The wedding magic hides in the complexity of each small detail reflected through your eyes, making it unique and therefore deserving of brilliance and a ton of beauty.
The Party Service team has been gaining experience since 1993. We plan, organize and execute weddings of various types, sizes and budgets - classic, strictly official, traditionally Bulgarian - with all the old customs and rituals. We create fun receptions on the beach, on a yacht, in the woods or just in your backyard for as little as 10 guests. For further inspiration and ideas please look at our portfolio and photo gallery.
We can assist with the organisation in the following ways:

o   Creating a wedding concept - we discuss the theme and message of your wedding and on this basis, we provide options for the entire vision of the event.
o   Organizing themed receptions - we will gladly fulfil even the wildest idea in case you have decided that this will make your wedding day unforgettable.
o   Choosing the appropriate type of catering and service - the food and the way it is being served are of key importance to the success of any event and weddings are no exception. We will help you choose the right menu and service for your special day. Of course, you will taste the dishes in advance to make sure you get what you want.
o   Equipment, wedding decorations, flowers and themed accessories - once the concept is clear, we will take care of its realization. We work with the best subcontractors in the industry and we have a rich variety of inhouse facilities. Our interior designers, arrangers and decorators will handle the venue layout and wedding decorations.
o   Suggestions for program and animation – naturally, you would want your guests to be delighted by the program, to have a ton of fun and to talk about your wedding for ages after. Therefore, we will carefully structure the wedding program - games, rituals, guest performers and a talented DJ, and fireworks.
o   Provision of technical equipment - sound, lighting, and effects are our responsibilities – they encompass everything that complements and enhances the atmosphere of the celebration and allows you to experience the wedding of your dreams free of worries and misunderstandings.
o   Video and photo shoots - a fairy tale is not quite a fairy tale if it could not be shared long after it has been experienced. We know how important it is for you to appreciate the work of the wedding photographer and the cameraman, and to ensure that the wedding photo session, photos and video from the party will capture the whole magic of your special day. For that reason, we will introduce you to right professionals.
o   The wedding cake - exceptional, bold, and elegant, with a detail of your dress, in unison with your wishes and a wonderful surprise for all guests! Open your imagination and let us discuss your ideas together!
o   Design and production of wedding invitations - Menus, cards and gifts are tailored to the main theme of your special day. A touch of detail shows your guests the joy with which you spend this celebration together.

You can either take advantage of specific services that you need or request a full package. It will be an honour to entrust us with the overall preparation and organization of your wedding. This will allow us to fully engage with its creative preparation and in turn lead to a better offer, with some compliments from the Party Service team.

Contact us to present the image of your wedding and receive our offer.

Selected projects

 Anna and Emil’s beach wedding
Anna and Emil’s beach wedding
Exquisite wedding in a narrow circle
The forest wedding of Aylin and Viktor

Selected photos

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