Event brief: Elegant birthday party in the center of Sofia with a rich artistic program and fireworks, held for 150 guests.
Solution: We chose to host the event at the ballroom of the Central Military Club due to its architectural features, high ceiling and central location.
Our concept was to stage a Burlesque show full of singing and dancing performances, created with the help of ballet Nova.
The selected colour palette was monochrome black and white, which allowed the lavish projections to stand out. Delicate floral motifs and numerous candles and candelabra completed the setting.
Our team of professionals served impressive cocktails and a memorable five-course menu accompanied by fitting wines. Ginger Groove and Dani Milev, and his band were part of the artistic program. Finally, the guests were surprized with dazzling fireworks.
Guests remembered this event with breathless laughter and tireless dancing.
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