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Christmas party

Cristmas party

You are the one who is lucky enough to organize a corporate Christmas party this year. We from Party Service can be helpful for your difficult task.

Do you want your party to reap unprecedented success? To do this, you must first attract the attention of your colleagues so that they attend. At this busy time of the year, the company's Christmas party faces a lot of competition from other events - perhaps more exciting and interesting than your invitation. It takes sense and style to handle it.

Employees - tired and stressed - are more than ready for Christmas vacation and it would be difficult to seduce them with the idea of ​​spending extra time with each other. Experience with previous - traditionally - boring and easily predictable similar events threatens to turn the annual party into another annoying tradition. Snacks and drinks at the office buffet as you sit around a flashing Christmas tree, painfully familiar conversations on business topics, and a quick sip of alcohol to set the mood. Our idea is to create such a Christmas party, which will be memorized for years to come and which your colleagues will look forward to next year!

Here are some of our suggestions:

Let's get the company Christmas party out of the office

One of the rather boring options is a Christmas party in the office. And the most fantastic decoration could not disguise the usual work environment in which your working day takes place. On the other hand, it allows all conversations to revolve around business problems and the fun easily turns into a slightly freer business meeting.

Let's break the evening rule

We tend to think of the company's Christmas party as an evening event, but that is not necessary at all. Even if you plan to welcome your guests to a restaurant or hotel, they will drink less at lunch than at dinner. Simply switching the hours of the day can make the time much more enjoyable and deprive the fun of the likely drunken group debate.

Let's break the clichés and break the matrix

Regardless of the success, change the company's Christmas party every year. Repetition leads to fading of the effect and a certain group of people will definitely get bored. So think of your Christmas party as an event, not a simple meeting of colleagues and friends. Instead of a traditional dinner in a restaurant, you can invite employees to an ice rink or bowling alley, turn the Christmas party into Santa's workshop, recreate a casino or circus playground. Remember, however, that in order to be satisfied, you need to engage them in something that is both interesting and everyone can do.

Let's turn the company's Christmas party into a family holiday

If you change your guest list to invite employees and their families, people's expectations and behaviour will also change.

The presence of loved ones creates a unique atmosphere and comfort. Alcohol consumption decreases, at the expense of fun moments. And as an added bonus, more people are likely to attend, as the company's Christmas party doesn't have to be a sit-in. Games and quiz parties are very suitable because everyone can take part in them.

Let's expand our guest list for the company's Christmas party

Instead of organizing a Christmas party that is just for employees, expand your guest list to include family, friends, neighbours and business partners who can also feel the spirit of the holiday and feel part of it. Thus, attendees have the chance to meet and get acquainted to new people and avoid the trap of familiar, predictable and endless conversations about work and Christmas shopping.

We hope you found these suggestions useful
These are just a few of our ideas. For many other attractive and non-standard proposals for organizing an unforgettable corporate Christmas party do not hesitate to contact us! Take a look at our portfolio with different options. We at Party Service will surprise and inspire you!


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