Dinner at Vrana Palace

His Royal Highness Prince Charles-Philippe Marie Louis of Orleans and Her Royal Highness Princess Diana of Orleans were guests of Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha at the Vrana Palace. They were accompanied by Mr. Alain and Mrs. Christian Fournier-Laroque, Count and Countess Bonnie de San Com, lawyers, businessmen, foundation leaders and collectors.
Event brief: We had the honour of organizing the dinner hosted by Prince Charles-Philippe Marie Louis of Orleans at the Vrana Palace. The main requirement was to prepare a traditional Bulgarian menu of high-quality products in combination with elegant Bulgarian wines.
Solution: We offered an entirely Bulgarian menu with a modern presentation and provided organic products from small farms.
Realization: Our team arranged a protocol table with elegant crystal glasses and fine porcelain in the official dining room of the palace. Colourful floral arrangements and golden candlesticks set the mood. We served five course dinners and selected wines from Zagrei, Domaine Marash, and Katarzyna wineries.
We were proud to receive special congratulations from the Prince of Orleans.
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