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Garden Party

Garden party

There is nothing better than an exciting garden party!

You receive countless invitations to backyard or pool parties. If you are planning a refreshing garden party - we - Party Service - are available.

We will offer you different options according to your occasion, idea and budget, following the steps below in the organization of your event.

  • theme of the party depending on the occasion;
  • planning the type of party and the suitable food for serving - BBQ, cakes or cocktail bites and miniatures;
  • cocktails or wine - what will be the drinks for your holiday?
  • time, infrastructure and necessary equipment;
  • decoration and overall vision;
  • invitations and entertainment for your guests;

Creating a mood is an easy task for us, as it is our absolute passion and we know what will give an advantage to your party. We can offer you a summer colour scheme that suits your house or garden.

Fulfilled to perfection

We will make sure that all aspects of the party are discussed, planned and executed to perfection on the day. Since this is not something most people do on a regular basis, there might be details you may not have thought of. Rest assured that we will do the planning and let you enjoy the occasion with your family and friends.

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