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Incentive trip

Incentive trip


An incentive trip is a planned trip that is used to encourage employees to achieve a specific business goal.

By definition, the incentive trip is intended for companies that want to motivate their employees and help them achieve a specific goal.

Organizing such an experience requires a certain set of skills and a unique planning list, and an extensive view. Unlike a corporate event such as a conference or seminar, the incentive trip is sometimes a conference, gala dinner and award ceremony joined into one whole.

As a company providing complete organization, we specialize in creating personalized programs that result in an effective way to motivate and reward your team. We use an individual and customer-oriented planning approach. Our teams prepare programs for stimulating travel tailored to your specific preferences.

We find a strategic balance between your company's budget framework, corporate goals, employee schedules and more. Party Service can help you create a truly memorable trip and incentive programs that motivate your employees, improve performance and delight management.

This is how:

  • Detailed study on site, according to customer requirements for timelines, budget and activities;
  • Preparation of proposals in several variants;
  • Selection of local subcontractors - transfers, guides, restaurants, contractors;
  • Selection of hotels and restaurants with specific menus;
  • Preparation of a complete and detailed daily programs;
  • Organization of all transfers during the event;
  • Design and create a website for the event with complete information;
  • Preparation of a complete budget;
  • Concluding contracts with all subcontractors;
  • Budget management;
  • Information letters and surprises for the participants;
  • Entire vision of the event;
  • Report for the whole trip.

The idea of ​​the incentive trips is to be fun, interesting and not feel like a job (you should feel rewarded). The most effective events and trips include activities and surprises within the program that educate and inspire. What better way to achieve higher goals next year than to learn your best performers from each other?

If you have great ideas for motivating your team, we can help you with a variety of solutions for incentive programs.

Call us to discuss them, we will be happy to offer you options.

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