Life as a Мovie

The brief: Тo propose a concept, location and complete organisation of a lavish, elegant and memorable event that guests will remember for a very long time.
Solution: We settled on the theme "Life Like a Movie" as an idea for a rich, content-filled event.
Realization: Lights, camera, action! The theme of glamour and Hollywood A-list events was developed by a set designer and film director engaged as part of the project.
Together we embodied 1920s chic through bold and lavish art deco accents with geometric and symmetrical shapes. To pay homage to iconic Hollywood, we combined statement blacks, whites and golds without omitting the signature metallic flares.
We built a stage with an elegant design, complemented by vibrant colours, which took all guests on a journey back in time to the Golden Age of Hollywood and its select society.

The program featured the beloved voices of Rewind, Destiny String Quartet, Nova Ballet and Goran Bregovic along with his orchestra.
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