SiteGround Teambuilding

During our first meeting, the SiteGround team presented their idea of the event, which included 350 people under the motto FROM US, FOR US, fostering the belief of the valuable individual and celebrating his contribution to the company. The entire event had to be in tune with the chosen theme - Share. Play. Enjoy.

Event brief:We were tasked to find a suitable location in the Rhodope Mountains, where we could implement the idea of an Open Air Team Building Festival with all the necessary facilities and celebrate until dawn without disturbing others. The plan consisted of preparing and serving food on site; providing options for different weather conditions; building a stage with adequate sound and lighting; setting up a tent camp and areas for entertainment and other activities.
Solution: The dream location turned out to be near Mechi Chal peak. The place we chose was unusual for organizing a teambuilding - a field overlooking majestic mountain peaks at 1800 meters altitude with a few minor inconveniences - it lacked electricity and water supply.
Realization: We turned the area into a safe place, preserving its beauty and managed to provide electricity, water, and mobile toilet facilities. The location was dewormed and equipped with everything necessary for an event with such dimensions.
 We also secured medical assistance and security in the area to ensure the safety of the guests. The entire location was technically covered, so that entertainment and attractions go smoothly. Our team built tents for cooking and eating, a portable kitchen with the capacity to cater for all guests and a large marquee in case of bad weather. The layout included spaces for training and exercise, as well as camping areas.
 Together with Joker Media we built a stage, ensuring the smooth acoustics for several groups, whose live performances complemented the overall picture and amped up the atmosphere. We transformed the place completely, enabling each of SiteGround's ideas to be implemented without a hitch.
 With the help of our chefs, we served the traditional Rhodope specialties Klin and Patatnik. We greeted the guests with pancakes, surprised them with a barbecue, mixed cocktails and were happy to be part of the overall emotion of the festival.
 One of our main goals for this project was to turn the chosen location into a lively place, full of positivism and excitement, where work goes hand in hand with fun and everyone feels included. We made this possible by combining our commitment to quality, respect and care for the team with our innate curiosity, enthusiasm, and creativity.
 To complete the vision of the event, we supported SiteGround in their boldest ideas from special designs and unconventional location, to the smallest details such as unique badges, temporary tattoos and stickers. Our task was to make everything possible, easy and professional.
 Together with SiteGround’s team we achieved all set goals, allowing the employees to feel united in the magic of the experience. From catering to lighting, we made sure every detail was perfect. Throughout the festival we witnessed shouts of encore, dancing, loving embraces and waves of positivity, which embodied SiteGround’s spirit and remained in their ethos long after we came down from the mountain. 
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