Incentive trip Amalfi Coast

A client of ours from the IT sector contacted us about the organization of a four-day incentive trip for their team to an interesting destination in Europe. We were planning the event for the fifth consecutive year.

Event brief: We were tasked with finding a 4-star hotel, ideally close to the sea, accommodation for 40 guests in single rooms, booking various restaurants, city tours, fun activities, and an exciting route. The location had to be easily accessible from seven different destinations in Europe, preferably by direct flight and no more than an hour away from the airport.

Solution: The project began with a detailed study of various destinations in Europe which would be appropriate for the trip. We had a clear vision about the client’s requirements. The list of services included:
o   Offers from many destinations and hotels
o   Negotiating terms with subcontractors
o   Figuring out the route, complete program of the event, and local navigation
o   Flight schedules from a number of European destinations
o   Subcontracting and budget management
o   Visits to the selected location and negotiation of details
o   Selection of restaurants, menus, and leisure programmes
o   Communication and transportation for guests
o   Accommodation
o   Diverse programme of activities and visiting a local landmarks
o   Daily entertainment
o   A gala dinner
o   Gifts and information letters
o   Event budgeting and monitoring
Realization: We chose the beautiful coastal town of Sorrento, Italy. The city is about an hour away from the airport in Naples, with the possibility of direct flights from many European destinations.
We welcomed the guests at the airport and transferred them to the selected hotel - Hilton Sorrento Palace.
Party Service created a special Facebook page about the event with an interactive route, local information, and leisure suggestions.
For the first night, we planned an informal dinner held at the citrus gardens of the hotel, with barbecue and a Limoncello tasting.
The next day, guests enjoyed a tour of the Amalfi Coast with visits to the picturesque towns of Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi. We also took the time to organize a culinary course on traditional Neapolitan pizza.
The second day of the trip was a visit to the infamous island of Capri where guests had free time to explore the island and its gardens.
On the last day, we organized a tour of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, transporting them back in time. Participants enjoyed a walk through the streets and saw all the houses, theatres, swimming pools, saunas, restaurants and wineries, literally set in stone - a truly exciting experience!
For dinner, we offered the beautiful restaurant Sorrento Bellevue Syrene, which has a magnificent view of the amazing sunset.

Team morale was kept high with the guests completely satisfied and eager to work hard in order to secure their place on the trip next year!
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